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Premium Medical and laboratory equipment manufacturer

SRS is a a leading manufacturer of liquid handling instruments, microscope, Venous Blood Collection and plastic laboratory products worldwide. SRS offers a wide range of fixed and adjustable pipettes, pipette controllers, syringe dispensers and accessories. At SRS we have spent a lifetime developing the most extensive range of laboratory equipment and services available not just in the Ukraine but internationally. There are many reasons why our customers choose SRS, but above all its down to our passion and commitment for ensuring you have every aspect of your scientific products covered. We relish the opportunity to prove our commitment to new customers, below are just a few reasons why its a great solution for you...

SRS Nauchnie
Reasons why customers choose SRS Products

-  Comprehensive stock range & large range of products
SRS proudly stocks the most comprehensive range of scientific resources and products, with over 1000 items in stock. We also distribute our products worldwide to a vast number of international customers.

-  Orders delivered in 24 hours
Orders received before noon are dispatched same day. You will be advised of any items not in stock. Once you are advised of delivery you can decide on whether to wait or accept a credit on your payment before we ship.

SRS Nauchnie


SRS Nauchnie

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SRS Nauchnie

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